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DSR Logistics has the most dependable Transport company in Kolkata. We have created a value-based service for our customers to ensure the most effective and efficient transport management system. Here we have developed a synchronised and integrated communication system cater to the high-quality transport service need of our clients. We are dedicated to provide the 360-degree services to our customers and create a cost-benefit advantage for our customers in a way, that it made us the Best transport company in Kolkata.

Among all the transport companies in Kolkata, we have synchronised our services with the contingent need of our clients, which makes us the Best transport services compare to others. With the effort of our most valuable and trusted executives over a long period of time we have gained a reputation and goodwill which makes us unparallel and by providing consistent and accurate service every time we have consolidated our strength to become the perfect Transport company in Kolkata. Our comprehensive and integrated approach by establishing a strong communication network, effective co-ordination and the knowledge of the precise location made us the Best transport vendor in Kolkata. A We are leading towards the degree of perfection in such a way that we can rank our self among the transport services industry, second to none.


In recent times through the inception of the new millennium, the transport services have evolved drastically. Transportation can be discovered from the beginning of civilization. People actually use this facility to move their products from one location to other. By the discovery of the wheel, this process becomes faster and create an integrated function which is called transportation services.

Transportation services now a days become so vast and advanced that it creates an industry as a whole. With the introduction of the computer, the internet and the digitization of our communication imposes new challenges for the transport service industry. Moving goods and materials faster is not the only issue now, but the accurate delivery of products, minimum damage to the goods and the perfect timing is the key factors related to the transport service industries in today’s time.

Our five-thousand-year-old civilization and industrialization largely evolved through naval transportation services. As the British came into our shore, and the invention of the steam engine, the speed of transportation had been significantly developed. Kolkata became the capital of British India and evolved as a hub for the transport services industry. After independence, Kolkata became the epic center of the East Indian region.